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Art and Design 

The EDEXCEL GCSE in Art and Design has been designed to provide a broad educational basis for further training, further education, or for moving into employment within the creative industries.

The GCSE consists of two compulsory units: 

Unit 1 : Personal Portfolio

Unit 1 is internally set, marked and standardised, and externally moderated. 

The theme(s) for the personal portfolio will be selected and developed by the school and may have a separate focus or be interconnected.  They must include supporting studies and personal response(s). 

Work produced for assessment under controlled conditions will consist of approximately 45 hours supervised activity.

 Unit 2 : Externally Set Assignment

Unit 2 is externally set, internally marked and standardised, and externally moderated.

The externally set assignment will consist of one broad based thematic starting point and will be available to students in the January of Year 11. 

There will be a preparatory period of study (approximately 30 hours) prior to the 10 hour timed set task.  This must also include supporting studies and personal response(s).


Unit 1           60%   Internal Assessment
Unit 2           40%   External Assessment

Exam Board: Edexcel
Course Title: Art and Design
1 grade
No: 2AD01